Six thinking hats is a simple, yet effective parallel thinking process to help teams be more productive, focused and involved.

This work shop is based around the principle that the human brain thinks in six distinctive ways and each way can develop tactics to for thinking about a particular issue.

The work shop is interactive and includes presentations, analysis, group discussions and experiential team building exercises.

Six Thinking Hat Indoor Team Building Event

• Problem solving and generating creative ideas and solutions
• Have shorter and more productive meetings
• Think clearly and objectively
• Cross-cultural communication
• Achieving significant and meaningful results.
• Understanding different sides and views of a situation

Six Thinking Hats Indoor Team Building Event

Six Thinking Hats work shop is based around the book by Edward de Bono which describes a tool for group discussion and individual thinking involving six colored hats.

The blue hat describes process, the white hat facts, the red hat emotions, the black hat discernment, the yellow hat optimistic response and the green hat creativity.

Six Thinking Hats Indoor Team Building Event
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This team building activity is a combination of seminar and activity. For best results, the seminar should be presented inside in a hotel conference room. We use breakout rooms, other conference rooms and practically any outside area to conduct the games and activities.

Discussion and debate is the main part of the activity. Following a presentation section, participants are given experiential tasks to complete in teams, after which group discussion is led by the facilitator.

The ideal length for the seminar is anywhere between a half day and three days. In half a day the basics of the model can be explained.
To get the most out of a seminar, a team survey should be completed before the event, and these results are then used in the seminar.
In addition, each topic is best explained with the use of an activity to follow, each one of which may take between 10 minutes and 1 hour depending on the activity.

Photographer or Videographer
Debrief with photo diary
Gifts for the winning team
Pre-course questionnaires
Post course reports
Video presentations


Review your performance

Review both your personal and team performance during the de-brief and identify strengths and areas which the team can improve upon in the future

Get to Know Each Other

There’s nothing like indoor activities with debriefs for learning more about each other, bonding and ice breaking.

Team Achievement

Obtain a sense of achievement by setting goals and targets for each activity undertaken



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