“The Making Teams did a fantastic job in ensuring the activities were both informative and enjoyable. We left the event with great memories, closer bonds, and a renewed perspective on the importance of cultural awareness in our global company.”


NOKIA - Making Teams Testimonials

“The Amazing Race in Phuket was a fantastic experience for our team at Google. The event was brilliantly organized, blending the excitement of the race with insightful cultural experiences unique to Phuket.
A huge thanks to the organizers for delivering such a memorable and impactful team-building event.”


Google - Making Teams Testimonials

“The organizers did an exceptional job in ensuring a smooth and engaging event, leaving us with memories and learnings to cherish. It was a perfect example of how team building can be fun, meaningful, and incredibly rewarding..”

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton - Making Teams Testimonials
Louis Vuitton

“It’s an experience that has left a lasting impression on all participants, significantly boosting our team spirit and cohesion. A big thank you to Making Teams for such a memorable and impactful event.”

Anantara Hotels And SPA

Anantara - Making Teams Testimonials (1)

“We’re grateful for such a well-organized and thrilling experience that has not only brought our team closer but also left us with invaluable lessons on collaboration and leadership”

Standard Chartered Team Lead

Standard Chartered - Making Teams Testimonials
Standard Chartered

“It was an extraordinary day that not only challenged but also united our team in ways we hadn’t anticipated. A big thank you to the organizers for such a memorable and seamless event.”

Michelin Team Lead

Michelin - Making Teams Testimonials

“It was a remarkable experience that not only highlighted our team’s creativity and innovation but also enhanced our collaborative skills.”

Dior Representative

Dior - Making Teams Testimonials

“We recently partnered with MakingTeams for our Amazing Race event in Bangkok, and the experience was phenomenal. MakingTeams delivered an event that was not only flawlessly organized but also deeply engaging and culturally enriching for our team. Their attention to detail, from the planning stages to the execution, ensured a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.”


OTIS - Making Teams Testimonials