“It was a well-organized and fun event. The App and games in the tablet were brilliant and the Making Teams’ employees were very accommodating and pleasant.  Tim made a lot of efforts to fit our requirements until last minute. Thank you Tim and the team!”


“A fantastic event. Really well fun and organized by Making Teams. Lots of fun and good team building activities. Most enjoyable of all was meeting the wonderful children and presenting the bikes to them. Thank you!” – Bendilkinson – Jones Lang LaSalle Limited

Jones Lang LaSalle

“Thank you very much for your time and effort for organizing the event for us, we all had such an enjoyable and great time” – Michelle Wong – Jones Lang LaSalle Limited

Jones Lang LaSalle

“Great team building activities, we all had fun and taste it!”

FWD Insurance

“First I would like to say thanks so much for this event, this is the first time we’ve done Six Thinking Hats training, but it was a good method and I will use this method for an effective meeting next time.” – Angkor Paradise Hotel

Angkor Paradise Hotel

“I wanted to thank you for helping us with the team building event last week. We received wonderful feedback from our colleagues during the meeting. You did a really great job organising everything!” – Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific


“Thanks a lot for a great afternoon!” – Agate Matschull

Swiss Re

“Thanks for facilitating our corporate retreat! Nice working with you! Will recommend you to other colleagues in divisions who might want to use companies to plan their retreats! Thanks again”  – Sheryl Wan

Changi Airport

Thank you Making Teams. We had a great experience with the race and also a meaningful end by donating a bike we build. – Melvin

Phoenix Contact

Thank you Tim, Rose and the team. You guys are very contributing. Appreciated, you have helped us to make our team stronger”

Big Dutchman