Unleash Your Team’s Potential

Discover the secrets to overcoming the five dysfunctions of a team in this immersive team building workshop, inspired by the Wall Street Journal bestseller, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.”

Learn how to eliminate the common human tendencies that disrupt teamwork and create costly organizational politics, applicable from the executive suite to the factory floor.

Workshop Outcomes: Empower and Transform Your Team

In this transformational workshop, you will:

  • Enhance interpersonal relationships
  • Streamline communication and foster team buy-in
  • Make high-quality decisions and boost team productivity
  • Embrace asking for help and providing support to achieve common goals
  • Collaborate effectively, leveraging each other’s skills and experiences
  • Engage in lively discussions and address critical topics in meetings
  • Align the team around shared objectives
  • Retain top talent and improve employee satisfaction
  • Gain clarity on team goals and how to achieve them
The Five Behaviors® Team Building Seminar

Program Overview: A Comprehensive Team-Building Experience

This engaging and impactful seminar can span from one to three days, depending on your needs. It is best conducted at one of our recommended retreats in a secluded, remote location, away from the work environment. The workshop combines pre-training questionnaires, analysis, theory, PowerPoint presentations, discussions, debates, and hands-on team building activities.

Each dysfunction is introduced with a graph illustrating team functionality, followed by a brief overview, team exercises, and discussions.

Dynamic Activities: Strengthening Team Bonds and Performance

  • Trust Fall (30 min):

    Experience the power of human vulnerability in this classic trust-building exercise that releases oxytocin, promoting natural bonding.

  • Personal Histories Exercise (45-90 min):

    Develop deeper trust by sharing personal stories, revealing vulnerability, and showcasing humility among team members.

  • Guess Your Colleagues Quiz (30-60 min):

    Improve understanding of your colleagues through this intriguing quiz, fostering a foundation for effective teamwork.

  • Conflict Case Study (3 hours):

    Analyze business meeting scenarios, identify conflicts, and devise solutions to enhance team interactions and decision-making.

  • Thematic Goals Exercise (3 hours):

    Align your team around common goals using a company quiz, video, and team discussion.

  • Team Effectiveness Exercise (2 hours):

    Gain valuable feedback through a 360-degree feedback-style session, encouraging team members to commit to personal improvement.

  • Moon Ball (30 min):

    Achieve high results by setting ambitious team objectives in this fun and enlightening ball game.

  • Balloon Balance (1 hour):

    Experience the power of support and teamwork in this challenging exercise, illustrating the importance of trust and collaboration.

  • Giant Pyramid (1 hour):

    Solve a puzzle that epitomizes the five dysfunctions in theory and practice, with a debriefing session to analyze team behavior and provide feedback.

This team building activity is a combination of seminar and activity. For best results, the seminar should be presented inside in a hotel conference room. We use breakout rooms, other conference rooms and practically any outside area to conduct the games and activities.

Discussion and debate is the main part of the activity. Following a presentation section, participants are given experiential tasks to complete in teams, after which group discussion is led by the facilitator.

The ideal length for the seminar is anywhere between a half day and three days. In half a day the basics of the model can be explained.
To get the most out of a seminar, a team survey should be completed before the event, and these results are then used in the seminar.
In addition, each topic is best explained with the use of an activity to follow, each one of which may take between 10 minutes and 1 hour depending on the activity.

Photographer or Videographer
Debrief with photo diary
Gifts for the winning team
Pre-course questionnaires
Post course reports
Video presentations


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